About us

By JSC “Osterna ir Ko” it was registered on March 29, 1996. The Osternа  company which at that time was the distributor of several confectionery enterprises of Lithuania was the founder. Need for the new company appeared after line start on blanching  of a peanut and frying of nuts. The known German expert of Joachim Bauermeister was the chief consultant in selection of the equipment and design.At first we fried a peanut, cashew, and almonds in oil and hot air. Later started  roast  and salting pistachios and sunflower seeds. In 2002 the product range of the company replenished both potato and wheaten chips. Also we make 4 types of popcorn. The enterprise registered 3 trademarks: "Osterna"‚ "Miesto snacks", and "Miesto MIX".