2 options to choose from.


Well, just like within the law of dialectics: unity and brawl of opposites.

It so happens, that we deal with products that are on a completely opposite side of consumer’s attitude concerning their usefulness and harmfulness.

Of course, many people are against crisps: beginning from professional dietitians and ending with mothers, who in a supermarket try to avoid walking past the shelves where these products are on display, in order to evade upsetting their beloved child. To justify consumption of crisps it can be said that they are less harmful than for example homemade fried chips which were cooked using a frying pan. This happens due to the fact that the temperature of the oil in the frying pan cannot be monitored and controlled as carefully as in factory equipment, because of that there more carcinogens on your dinner plate than in a pack of crisps. Maybe with time more advantages of crisps will be discovered?


As for our other products: nuts, seeds and dried fruits, in my opinion everyone will agree, that this type of food does not only sustains a health, but even heals.

Concerning this food, there is lots of written information in many websites and journals and discussed on television, however by the previously mentioned law of dialectics, in this barrel of honey has to be added a spoon full of tar.

For those truly seeking healthy food it useful to know the following: if the nuts are thermally processed and are sold in packaging without protective atmosphere (inert gas) or even loosely, then you have to be certain about the ‘manufacturer- merchant’ chain. It is due to the fact that when nuts are fried, nut oil is released, which oxidizes much faster than ‘’living’’ (thermally processed) nuts.

For example I do not recommend eating peanuts (all thou to nuts they relate only because of their second name- ‘groundnuts’) two months after they have been fried. Other nuts are simpler in this case, and pistachios don’t rancid even a year after being fried.

As in an old anecdote: when a reporter came to a long-liver to find out the secret to his long life, the long-liver said that in all his life he never drank alcohol, smoked (ate crisps) and suddenly noises of drunk people singing  began to appear next door. It turned out to be the long-liver’s older brother who all his life drank, smoked and so on.


Everyone makes their own choice


Wish you a pleasant appetite.